BrisSynBio (a BBSRC / EPSRC funded Synthetic Biology Research Centre) is a multi-disciplinary research centre based at the University of Bristol that focuses on biomolecular design and engineering aspects of synthetic biology. It has been established as one of six Synthetic Biology Research Centres in the UK.  BrisSynBio is funded predominantly by the BBSRC and EPSRC, and we have a number of other academic, industrial and public-facing partners. BrisSynBio is part of the Bristol BioDesign Institute. For more information, news and research highlights visit the Bristol BioDesign Institute pages.

This page belongs to the Ethics and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Theme of BrisSynBio and is run by Dr Darian Meacham (Maastricht University & UWE, Bristol), Deputy Director for Responsible Research and Innovation at BrisSynBio. Here you will find posts by members and non-members of BrisSynBio on the ethical, social, political, and environmental issues related to the work of BrisSynBio and Synthetic Biology more generally.

The Ethics and RRI team at BrisSynBio consists of Prof Julie Kent (UWE, Bristol), Dr Michael Reinsborough (UWE Bristol), and Miguel Prado Casanova (PhD Student).

All opinions expressed here are solely those of the author(s) and do not reflect the official positions of BrisSynBio, University of Bristol, UWE Bristol, Maastricht University, or any of the funders or partners.



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